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    Let The Hunt Begin

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    Let The Hunt Begin  Left_bar_bleue2000/2000Let The Hunt Begin  Empty_bar_bleue  (2000/2000)
    Let The Hunt Begin  Left_bar_bleue2000/2000Let The Hunt Begin  Empty_bar_bleue  (2000/2000)
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    Let The Hunt Begin  Empty Let The Hunt Begin

    Post  Twotails on Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:02 pm

    Let The Hunt Begin  Huntbanneralt1

    "The year is 2350. Fifty-three test subjects lay face down on a table in a research lab called Lab 14. They are all injected with a type of serum nicknamed E2. E2 was made to create a superhuman, one who is capable of superior strength, speed, and intellect. Funded by the Military, thousands of experiments were done; leaving many to die either a slow and cruel death, or a quick and painless one.

    The experiment was a complete success. However it gave all of the “subjects” something other than just superior strength, speed, and intellect. It gave them one more additional power, unique to each different person. One could manipulate and create fire, while another was able to shoot volts of electricity from the tips of his fingers. The only negative side effect was that there entire eyes would change to one solid color.
    Five years later a breach in security of the facility gave the subjects time to escape.

    You may choose between two classes; Hunters and Rejects.

    Hunters are ordinary humans, but most of all soldiers trained to kill. They come from various countries, have unique stories, but they all fight with great power. Their hard training combined with altered bodies makes them excellent war machines, fighting for whatever they feel is right, or where the money takes them.

    Their powers are based on hard training and medicines. They don’t have superpowers, but they have extreme agility, intellect and strength. They usualy have one narrowed area of combat they have focused on, which may be assassination, stealth, close combat, spec-ops and so on.

    Rejects are products of genetic experiments. They have gained powers beyond imagination, controlling elements, or gained physical or psychic strength you’ve only seen in comic books. They have also gained more elegant reflexes and refined senses.

    (hunters will always beat you in a hand on hand combat. anything taking physical strength and hands... knife on knife... dodging speed....running there just that guy) (now if your "power" is something like enhanced strength and speeds. then its a diff story.This is due to you being held captive for so many years, combat just isnt your thing)
    Their powers are not limited so be creative ^^

    There are Two fractions in which you can choose from

    Organization X:
    Only Hunters are allowed into the OX,

    Founded over 50 years ago under the name “Pages” (Pangaea Association for Genetic and Ethical Science) with the intention of controlling the new genetic branch evolving from the scientific and technological advances of the new age. The government quickly realized the unused potential in this new science, and re-considered the organizations goals. They moved the administrative from the Ministry of science, to the army, and it changed name to “Pangea Organization for genetic and biological advance”, but due to it’s classified and secretive nature, it’s widely spoken of as Organization X.

    During their genetic and biological experiments on different plants and flowers, they got the need of progressing to more advanced lifeforms. They decided to move onto “lesser” animals after a few months, and from there the step to the human body itself was short. The goal was to maintain a small special force containing genetically modified humans, and so the first Rejects as we know them came to life some 30 years from now, after years of failed experiments. When seeing the side effects, which were in most cases a painful and agonizing death, the OX decided not to give this to the big masses of the army. Another problem was that even kids of Rejects would get their own powers. The serum affected descendants. The only possible solution on this problem would be to completely shut the Rejects from the rest of the world. The risks proved to big. Instead, a mutated string of the Reject serum was invented. It is a modest version of its predecessor.

    The Rejects
    There are only Rejects in this faction.

    After the first (successful) creation of the Rejects, the OX put them in cells to keep them in check until they were sure the Rejects would cooperate. After the first Reject recruit proved himself worthy of serving in the army, more were to follow. But soon questions started to pass around. Ethic questions. What right did the OX have to use them as mere objects of experiments? If they weren’t to be officially recognized, what rights would they have? And what about those that were forced to become rejects, what life did they have in front of them? Revolts broke out, through several years, and after a devastating system failure in the OX facility, almost all of the Rejects managed to escape to freedom. Some died in the attempt, while a few stayed with the OX out of various reasons.

    You may take the role of either a reject or a hunter

    Rejects are held captive in Org X compound. if you choose this race you do not know where you are and your scared. You will take part int he Great escape. Can you make it out alive.

    Hunters as of right now work for Org X as guards in this compound, they are instructed to kill any reject who defies them.


    Character sheets

    Eye Colour:


    Any Additional Information:



    Combat specialization:

    Any Additional Information:

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