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    The Flight to Hawaii

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    The Flight to Hawaii Left_bar_bleue2000/2000The Flight to Hawaii Empty_bar_bleue  (2000/2000)
    The Flight to Hawaii Left_bar_bleue2000/2000The Flight to Hawaii Empty_bar_bleue  (2000/2000)
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    The Flight to Hawaii Empty The Flight to Hawaii

    Post  Twotails on Sun Oct 23, 2011 3:09 am

    As you entered the airport you notice that it has more people in it than normal, you wounder why and you go up to someone to ask what is up. They tell you that a flight to Hawaii was canceled and most of the people were getting their flight transfered . Your eyes widened as you are trying to go to Hawaii. You run up to a desk and ask the person their if the number 17 3:10 flight was canceled. To your relief it wasn't and you let out a big long sigh. As you start to walk away the person behind the desk stops you and tells you that the flight you asked about will have more people than normal because of the transfers people are getting. Your to happy to care because your flight will still be on scheduled. You look onto the air port floor at the massive crowd. A noise startles you and you look for where it was coming from. Above you you hear
    "bloop beep . Number 17 flight to Hawaii has started boarding, I repeat the 3:10 number 17 flight to Hawaii has started to board." You grunt as thats your flight and you know it wont be easy getting through the crowd. "Will I make it?" you ask yourself as you head toward gate 17.

    This story will take place in three places. One in an airport, Two a plane, and some mystery place. The setting will change as the story progresses. We will start off at San Francisco (why not) airport. You are going to Hawaii where you always wanted to go, but sadly you are going by yourself. For some reason no one else could go with you and this was the only time you will ever be able to go.

    Please post character sheets in your first post >.> please and thank you ^^

    why are you flying alone:

    I will post second or third, hopefully some one joins.

    Thank you for choosing San Fransisco air lines, we promise you will never forget your flight....ever........

    one line post are no nos

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