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    Dice Roll... Left_bar_bleue2000/2000Dice Roll... Empty_bar_bleue  (2000/2000)
    Dice Roll... Left_bar_bleue2000/2000Dice Roll... Empty_bar_bleue  (2000/2000)
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    Dice Roll... Empty Dice Roll...

    Post  Twotails on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:30 pm

    This is Where all Dice rolls will go for the rps, when you roll please post the rp you are rolling for


    now this is in the spamming section but any spam that goes in here will be deleted and you will suffer the consequences, this thread has to do with roll playing and on this site we take role playing seriously. plzz dont be an ass

    anywho if you edit your post, your post will be deleted and that move you did in the rp will be taken back

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